About Us

About Personalised Image Printers

Personalised Image Printers was founded in 2006, and has gone from strength to strength. What sets us apart from our competitors is that our dedicated and professional team enjoy the challenge of branding unusual products. If you are stuck for ideas, let’s brainstorm! I guarantee we will come up with something that will impress your clients and advertise your business in a very cost effective manner. If it’s printable, we’ll print it and we’ll personalise it to your needs!
It Does Pay to Advertise?

Why Is It…

A man wakes up in the morning after sleeping in an advertised bed,
washes with an advertised soap, shaves with an advertised razor, sits down and drinks advertised tea or coffee, drives to work in an advertised car and writes with an advertised pen.


He refuses to advertise, saying “Advertising doesn’t pay”. But when his business fails, he finally advertises: “Business for Sale”

Our Philosophy

We have successfully executed projects that nobody else would even think of undertaking! We never see problems just opportunities, and it is this philosophy that has helped us build up a very impressive client base.
And, the reason that our clients keep coming back to us and referring us to their clients is simple.

We never make promises we can’t keep and we would rather turn business away than let any of our customers down.
Unusual Branding Idea?

Talk to us – we willl turn your concept into reality with full colour branding on just about anything

If it’s printable, we’ll print it and we’ll personalise it to your needs!
Change the way you brand your business

Personalised Image Printers ensure that when your company’s unique fingerprint is seen, it is seen positively and your brand is enhanced at every possible opportunity. We offer high resolution digital printing on a variety of media to be used as promotional gifts, branding tools and cosmetic purposes. We specialise in Direct to Garment/Direct on Garment, Silkscreen, Heat Transfer, Banners, Full Colour UV Printing, Domed Stickers, PI Plates/Zip pullers, Pad Printing, Full Colour Transfer Printing, Signage, Stickers/labels, Rubber stamps on all surfaces.